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Wszystko co chcesz wiedzieć na temat wyjazdu do UK. Dziel doświadczenia, rady, informacje.

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24/12/2016 07:53

FIFA 17 Week Ahead

Looking to the week ahead, we'll be focusing on three things; the last four daily SBCs, a possible pre-TOTY market panic, and the potential for a special tournament/other promotions in the days following Christmas.

FUTMAS Squad Building Challenges Predictions

There is still plenty of opportunity to make fifa coins on these SBCs. The key will be timing the buying/selling of the correct players. We will outline this in more detail in the next section (Coin Making Tips) but for now, here is a graphic, courtesy of FIFA reddit, that shows some potential SBC candidates by day. Keep these in mind for later.

We will also want to keep a look out for a potential market panic. Similar to what happened on the 19th-23rd of November before Black Friday, where players mass panic sold because of a number of influencers making predictions of market-crashes. While we've come to learn that “market crashes” seem to be a thing of the past because of EA's ability to balance the market on demand with SBCs, it is possible that panic sellers will still look to shift on their cards after SBCs and before the TOTY, leading to what might be a substantial dip in prices.

We will also keep our eyes out for promotions after the SBCs end on the 25th. Surely EA will want to go into the New Year with some sort of promotion, and we expect it to be announced next Wednesday or next Friday. We think a Boxing Day SBC is possible.

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